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Get trained by "10 year Game Veteran" Adriano, learn infield, how to Attract, Date and Keep the Hottest Women in Europe!


An Infield Program that will take years off of your learning curve.  On this Program you’ll meet more women than most men could in three lifetimes!

Do you like Travel?  Do you like to have crazy adventures?  Do you like hot women?


The Euro Tour and Bonuses will literally be all you will ever need to get your life with women and dating handled.  You will learn everything you need to know and most importantly, get more reference experiences than most men could get in three lifetimes!

Sick of dabbling?  Tired of doing okay?  Would you like to get this part of your life handled so you get choice and options with beautiful women?

I can't stress this enough... this program is ALL YOU WILL EVER NEED to get GREAT at pick up and get the dating life you desire.

“But I Live In A Small Town, I’m Too Old, I’m Fat, I'm Bad Looking, I Live With My Parents, I Don’t Have A Car, I’m X Race"

Bro, listen.

I’ve taught over one thousand guys in person and I've seen men who are the most pathetic non-model, non-rich, non-fit guys just fucking KILL it, with women chasing them left and right

I used to be one of those guys.

I'm bald, short and pretty bad looking.  On top of that I was bullied in school, had ZERO FRIENDS and had tried to commit suicide several times.  I was in a REALLY BAD PLACE.  In all my years of teaching pick up (10 years in game now) I've only met a couple of guys who were in a worse situation than me (and they are now killing it with women btw).

I'm the guy who came from the bottom and had to learn everything from scratch.

This does give me a massive advantage in being a GREAT TEACHER though....

I know exactly what you need to do to over come any sticking point or limiting belief you have....


......Because I've had to figure out the "how to" and then blast through exactly the same sticking point myself.  I had limiting beliefs coming out of my ears but it is possible to conquer them for good........ it doesn't even have to take long, transformation can be quick (Months not Years), when you learn how.

I'm often called "inspirational" by clients.  Other guys often come up to me to give me respect, or nod in my direction, particularly when I'm out with one of my girlfriends.  If I can do this stuff then there is no excuse why you can't either...

...And I'm going to not only teach you how but also demonstrate to you what a guy who is great with women looks like.  I will demo, wing and give you continual support and feedback throughout the whole process.


So What is the PUA Euro Trip?

Over five different weekends we will travel to the five European destinations with the hottest women!  Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Germany and Italy.  Over the course of each weekend I will show and teach you how to pick up these sexy goddesses. I will push you hard to make sure that you get maximum growth out of the training in a completely fun and relaxing way.

A lot of people save up to go travelling.  They usually go with a couple of friends but end up hanging out with each other for the whole trip.  They stay in their comfort zone being quiet and introverted and end up missing out on so many adventures and experiences.

Even if a person does go travelling by them self, they still only meet a few new people, usually done in the security of a dorm or on a trip. Point plank period, this is lame!  I can say this because I used to be that guy stuck in my old comfort zone.

"Fuck it, lets make this the adventure of a life time!"

What better way to experience the culture of a country then meeting everyone, by going on dates with that country's beautiful women and take a small risk and saying "LETS GO FOR IT!"

Lets travel and experience Europe but in a SUPER FUN way which is full of Adventures!  At the same time LEARN PICK UP, meet a TON OF WOMEN and get this part of your life handled forever.

What will I learn?











Phew that was a lot of stuff,

Everything above is available to you and the training is 100% tailored to your needs. So if you would prefer to focus more on one thing than another we will confirm this before the training starts. Also I'm super friendly and you just have to ask.



You won't even need to take any time off work or university if you don't want to!  Each Bootcamp destination is held over the space of a weekend with the training happening on the:-

Saturday Evening: 18:00 - After Midnight

Sunday Day Time: 11:00 - 17:00

So you could fly out on either the Friday Evening or Saturday Morning and fly back on the Sunday Evening.  If you want to stay a few days longer at certain countries then that is also a popular option.  Ryanair fly to all destinations with cheap flights and accommodation is also very cheap when booking in advance.

The dates of the Euro Trip are:-

Stockholm, Sweden: 27th of June

Krakow, Poland: 18th of July

Vilnius, Lithuania: 1st of August

Berlin, Germany: 29th of August

Rome, Italy: 12th of September


This is seriously a MASSIVE VALUE program....

.....even if you don't attend every event, you are still going to be massively winning!  I have purposely designed this program to expect that many of you can only attend a few of the European Bootcamp Destination dates.  The way I have done that is by almost giving everything away for FREE!

Incredibly, the value of the FREE bonuses that you will receive, are worth more than program itself....

What are the BONUSES?

Attend for Free, Three Full UK Bootcamps (Any dates that work best for you in 2015)


One Years Email Support; Get Answers to your Questions and feedback on Sticking Points from Myself all Year!


Access To Infield Videos and Video Breakdowns of the Instructors


Personal Home Work Exercises for you to do between Bootcamps


One Free Hour Long Phone Consultation


A Copy of The Txt Game E-Book


A Signed Copy of The Pick Up Game






The Bonuses are WORTH MORE than the cost of the program itself.

If you were not to go to any of the TOUR destination bootcamps you would still be "quids in" through the bonuses alone!


Okay I Want This...... But How Much Will This Life Changing Tour Cost?

There are no courses that compare to this one,

The only other course that is on the same quality level and depth of technology is being sold for more than £10,000

Have a think about this:

Who was the last girl you kissed?

Who was the last girl you slept with?

Was she your perfect a girl.... a 10?

About 99% of the time the answer is usually No,

But that is totally cool because most men "settle" for whatever girl comes their way,


But wouldn't it be cool that every time you left the house you'd be able meet, attract and keep your ideal girl?

How much would an ability like that be worth to you?

How about buying a new sports car for £30,000 plus?

How about learning to DJ for several years until you get good?

One of my past students is a Formula 2 Racing Car Driver, for those of you who don't follow motor racing, that is the next league down from Formula 1.

One league below Lewis Hamilton.

He was good looking, a nice person and attractive women used to wait by the paddocks to speak to the drivers after the races.

Living the dream right?

He Wished!

He hadn't been laid in two years and the only girl he had sex with was his ex girlfriend from a 4 year relationship.

Even learning cool hobbies and sports don't guarantee success with women,

You still need to know how to capitalise on this lifestyle.

Would you rather pay to learn a skill that won't help you,

or live out your dreams with women?

Take control over your DESTINY.

Incidentally he's doing pretty well for himself, when we last spoke, two months later, he had five full closes and a new girlfriend.

This Is Not Going To Cost £10,000 .... Relax

You can sign up today for £2,177 inc VAT

That's it, no hidden charges, the only thing you'd need to buy are your flights and accommodation.  And return flights and Accommodation can be SUPER CHEAP to the destinations listed.

You get the complete EURO TOUR plus ALL FREE BONUSES, everything!  The complete package to getting your life with women completely handled.

To Make It Even Easier

Use our deposit system so £750 is all it takes to get started

Considering that over a span of two years this training is going to cost you

Less than £2 a day

It is about the cost of one bowl of chips

So for less than the price of potential food poisoning you're going to be unlocking the secrets to make ANY woman fall for you instantly.

You can't even buy a drink in a low end pub for that price.


Lets Recap - The MAIN EVENT

- Attend all FIVE of The European Trip Bootcamp Destinations

£3,000 +



Attend for Free, Three Full UK Bootcamps (Any dates that work best for you in 2015)


One Years Email Support; Get Answers to your Questions and feedback on Sticking Points from Myself all Year!


Access To Infield Videos and Video Breakdowns of the Instructors


Personal Home Work Exercises for you to do between Bootcamps


One Free Hour Long Phone Consultation


A Copy of The Txt Game E-Book


A Signed Copy of The Pick Up Game



The total Value of the whole deal is worth over: £5,211


You can get all of that for only £2,177 inc VAT


This is the most complete PUA Program available in the world. Completely personalised to your specific needs. This Program contains over 120 Hours of Personal Pick Up Training, you will have no choice but to break established patterns and come out as a new person, the person you always wanted to be.

It has taken me years of sifting through the community noise, trying every technique both the good and bad ones to get to where I am today.

There is absolutely no good reason why you should want to waste years of your life attempting to cover this same ground. This is a professional level resource.


I'm looking forward to meeting and exploring the game with you in person,


PS The PUA Euro Tour is the complete program to give you REAL, FAST RESULTS.  The Euro Tour is a massive VALUE program, this literally contains EVERYTHING you could to enable you to get your life with women and dating handled.  This is your chance to stop wasting time, and become legendary BY THIS TIME NEXT YEAR


PPS This is for action-takers only. Once you go through the program, there’s no way I won’t see you here next year with a couple hotties on your arms, sharing the glory that is getting this handled.


PPPS Soon as you sign up you will be emailed extra details and your EURO TOUR 2015 WELCOME PACK! Looking forward to meeting and exploring the game with you in person soon.